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I Want This

Posted on July 6, 2011 at 10:50 PM

I Want This


Its past midnight

Standing by my open window

When the scent of you crossed my nose

I knew you had to be close


Instantly becoming seduced by

The feel of your hand on my shoulder

Slowly turning around

Sensing you are nervous

So am I.

I have waited for this moment for so long

Letting movies play in my mind

Not wanting one thing to go wrong


Sliding my hand down your face

I kiss your lips gently

Slowly pulling away

Taking a few steps back

Undressing myself

Putting my body

On display

Praying that you

Would take it

And have your way.

Leaving my heels on

Walking around to you

Running my fingers

Up your back and around your side

Taking your cloths off piece by piece

Whispering in your ear

I got you baby

I’ll take care of you

Sliding my tongue around your ear lobe

Sucking it as I let it go

Walking back to the front

I unbotton your pants

Bringing them and me to your knees

Giving you the first taste

Of what its like to be pleased

Leaning you to a wall.


And give me your all

Wrapped around my lips

Gripped by my finger tips and then released

The only thing keeping you up

Is the steady blood flow

Of you throbbing in my mouth

Let me walk you to the bed



Our bodies becoming one

Unable to tell who is the moon

And who is the sun

Sweat rolls off your body

And I drink of it

As if it was the finest of the finest

Of wines

You let out moans

Of pleasure

Heavy breathing

Pressing my body closer to you

The heat spilling fom us

consumes the night,

Let me be your shelter

Your home when you feel lost

Steady motions of

Lifting me from the ground

And together

… wait

You can’t cum yet

Watch me turn

While I bend all of my woman hood

Giving you a view

pressing my back against your chest

my hand streched and wrapped behind your neck


I want this

so much more I can do


taking my time

saving the rest for round two


let me savor

this bliss thats you

Hearing the echo’s of your sigh

Telling me you like that

I have wanted this

For sometime

I am wanting to enjoy every inch of you

Lay back and let me

Please you

Taste you

Inside is where you belong

Making you sway

This is music

Uncut and raw

Drunken by the taste of you

Sucking your juices

I grab your hand

Slowly sucking and

Swirling my tongue around each finger

Placing them inside

Deep inside me

You get a taste

And then kiss me

We taste perfect together

A match made in this

Unholy bliss

My sinful desire with a heavenly twist


I want this and so much more

I want this

Til we both become sore

I want this til

It makes my body cry out

I want this

So bad that even though

We try to pull away

Something makes us stay

I want this

I …


I want my thighs wrapped around your waist

you taking me

as though you was saving me from grace




I want this so hard

that our bodies travel

beyond the clouds

resting me at the feet of god


For so long

I have dreamed

of what you would feel like.


skin to skin

we melt into each other


Now that I have you alone

shadows dancing on the walls


can you hid to my call

Moan.. Daddy

Sigh.. Its yours

Loud cries of desire Take it

lay it where you want me at

taste of my forbidden fruit

dripping down my thigh to the thickness of your tongue


I want this

Poet Janet Dawson2011

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