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"Love Is Passion's Desire"

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Mind Reader

Posted on December 7, 2011 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (2)

Wish you could see how many times I've written this letter

and how many times I've sat down trying to sort through my thoughts

To be honest I really don't know what to say

I don't know if it even matters anyway

Lay at night wanting to sleep

but instead I hear echos of your call

Working hard to get by

replays of me given you my all

piece by piece

moments became seconds

wishing life had a button stamped "Redo"

I would let it all go

just so I could wake up next to you.

I wonder, how you're doing

where you've been ?

and if I still have the right to call you my friend


How do you feel?

is your heart filled with regret

I hope not

cause you gave me a night

I'll never forget


My heartaches for you

and I don't really know why

but to say i don't still love you

would be a lie

You may not feel the same way

and thats okay

Guess deep down all i truly wanted was to say ..Hey

Sweet Desire

Posted on July 6, 2011 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Gentle touches

Hard hitter

Filling me with blushes

Feeling my lips melt

Around you

I am consumed

Salty sweet

Butter cream

Moist at the scent of you

Pet and watch me purr

Lean your body to mine

Feel the comfort of my being

its well worth the feasting

Swimming in the desire


Let me set the stage

My breast pinned to your chest

My legs wrapped around your waist

Tempting you to

Come get a taste

Sliding my fingers

As if I was turning a page

Your eyes fill with passion

Licking your lips like a

Wild animal in heat

Now watch

I’m about to reach my peak

Place your hand right there

Look….. Stare

Lean in me

Push through me

Moans ,screams

Squeeze of my thigh

Lost of air

Trying my best to hold out before you take me there

It feels so good

Having your body pressed against mine








All in your hand to control

Playing your dreams

Out to become reality

How do you want me?

Sensual kisses play

Over my shoulders

Is it me or are we getting warmer?

Up my thigh

The pressure point of me

Dripping between your fingers

Let me take a taste


The reason romance has a chance

Candle wax falls from behind

Senses are intense

Now that you are blind

Taking my time

To release inch by inch

My mission

Is your ride of a universal roller coaster

Nothing goes


Un tasted

Not one part of you wasted

Pleasure is hidden in the sounds of your moans

Hard groans

Pressed in the center of my will

To release

My all to you

Call me what you please

Stretch me far

Bend me to my knees

This is our play land

Take what you will

No need to ask or steal

Thoughts trapped in my mind

How much can you endure

Our imagination explodes

I am here

So are you

Let your hand caress

Its own groove

Wanting to explore

Wanting so much more

The door opening

To what makes my world quake

Call my name in the whispers of the air

We’re almost there

Mental swirls

Drunken by the tenderness of you

Across my lips


Working me like clock work

One leg at 12 and the other at 9

You feel divine

Thirsting at the need that I need you to do all and everything of what you do

My sweet desire unfolds

Could it be more? ……. I’m sure

Your Type

Posted on July 6, 2011 at 10:54 PM Comments comments (0)

This one is different is what i keep telling myself.

a beaten path to a song played more then once, maybe a few difference in notes forming a smoother melody but the ending is always the same.

How do i always fall for your type?

Told myself that this time would be different,always believeing that people change,

that their past shouldnt be judged..

yet something tells me i`ve read this story before.

Something tells me i`ve walked this road before something

tells me that this mistake is about to be a lesson i never learn from.

You say my heart wont break and end up on the floor

but something tells me i`ve heard those words spoken before.

I am already yours so let my fall be easy.

Not sure why i.. Why i always fall for your type.

I believe in you and your love,

waiting for you to tell me good-bye.

For the lies, for the closing of my heart. This one will love me least this is what i tell my friends

.somehow i end up with your type. Somehow i end up alone...falling for your type

I Want This

Posted on July 6, 2011 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I Want This


Its past midnight

Standing by my open window

When the scent of you crossed my nose

I knew you had to be close


Instantly becoming seduced by

The feel of your hand on my shoulder

Slowly turning around

Sensing you are nervous

So am I.

I have waited for this moment for so long

Letting movies play in my mind

Not wanting one thing to go wrong


Sliding my hand down your face

I kiss your lips gently

Slowly pulling away

Taking a few steps back

Undressing myself

Putting my body

On display

Praying that you

Would take it

And have your way.

Leaving my heels on

Walking around to you

Running my fingers

Up your back and around your side

Taking your cloths off piece by piece

Whispering in your ear

I got you baby

I’ll take care of you

Sliding my tongue around your ear lobe

Sucking it as I let it go

Walking back to the front

I unbotton your pants

Bringing them and me to your knees

Giving you the first taste

Of what its like to be pleased

Leaning you to a wall.


And give me your all

Wrapped around my lips

Gripped by my finger tips and then released

The only thing keeping you up

Is the steady blood flow

Of you throbbing in my mouth

Let me walk you to the bed



Our bodies becoming one

Unable to tell who is the moon

And who is the sun

Sweat rolls off your body

And I drink of it

As if it was the finest of the finest

Of wines

You let out moans

Of pleasure

Heavy breathing

Pressing my body closer to you

The heat spilling fom us

consumes the night,

Let me be your shelter

Your home when you feel lost

Steady motions of

Lifting me from the ground

And together

… wait

You can’t cum yet

Watch me turn

While I bend all of my woman hood

Giving you a view

pressing my back against your chest

my hand streched and wrapped behind your neck


I want this

so much more I can do


taking my time

saving the rest for round two


let me savor

this bliss thats you

Hearing the echo’s of your sigh

Telling me you like that

I have wanted this

For sometime

I am wanting to enjoy every inch of you

Lay back and let me

Please you

Taste you

Inside is where you belong

Making you sway

This is music

Uncut and raw

Drunken by the taste of you

Sucking your juices

I grab your hand

Slowly sucking and

Swirling my tongue around each finger

Placing them inside

Deep inside me

You get a taste

And then kiss me

We taste perfect together

A match made in this

Unholy bliss

My sinful desire with a heavenly twist


I want this and so much more

I want this

Til we both become sore

I want this til

It makes my body cry out

I want this

So bad that even though

We try to pull away

Something makes us stay

I want this

I …


I want my thighs wrapped around your waist

you taking me

as though you was saving me from grace




I want this so hard

that our bodies travel

beyond the clouds

resting me at the feet of god


For so long

I have dreamed

of what you would feel like.


skin to skin

we melt into each other


Now that I have you alone

shadows dancing on the walls


can you hid to my call

Moan.. Daddy

Sigh.. Its yours

Loud cries of desire Take it

lay it where you want me at

taste of my forbidden fruit

dripping down my thigh to the thickness of your tongue


I want this

Poet Janet Dawson2011

Walk Away

Posted on March 26, 2010 at 3:19 PM Comments comments (2)

How long did we think this could last

fallen over a love

we created in our past

A life that was built on the heart of a rebel

and the princess trapped in a castle

but you never really came to save the day

and in the end i told myself

i was better off that way

your name i tried to hide

you always gave in to your foolish pride

never again would i walk alone

thats what you told me was the key notes to our song

you never sung

send me hugs you could never afford to give

pumping me up with words that couldnt give me a reason to live

so long i helt on

always feeling as if i came in a day late

20 mins to soon

wanting me to be your escape from your world

cause you couldnt say no to the hunger

No one never created enough tissue

to save me from drowning

if i ever cried over you

but hey... what can you do

There being she is a elephant that stands in the middle of our room

and you placed her there

the very day even before you said I do.

So today i am saying i dont

and i won't

I will no longer

leave my heart out so you can come out and play

no longer let myself

be treated this way

for every tear

you shed

i shed 50

we can't live like this

so i'll walk away

you shouldnt have to choose

and either should i.

Love Inside and Out

Posted on March 26, 2010 at 3:16 PM Comments comments (0)

You see

I wasnt fooling myself

knowing from the start

He would be the very one who would break my heart


help mend it again.

The one who would make me think of giving him a son

Cause i knew and still know he is my only one

Everytime i look in those eyes

i see the sunrise.

So if i be Life

he is the oxygen I breathe

If i be a tree

he is the wind that moves me.

If I am the bird

then he is my wings


If I am the song

he is the voice that sings.

He is God's rapture that looks down on me and smiles

the reason my life is worth while.

The desert to my sea.

If i be the beach

he is the sand ,

Fingers connected to my hand.

If I be words

then he is what defines me

The force that drives my very being

He is the love we are making

This world is ours for the taken

I am the Warrior

and he is the fight

I am he

and he is me

You , me and we

reward ourselves in the

simple glory

If I be the sun

You are my rays

You see

this is our love and its maze

I'm Ready

Posted on March 26, 2010 at 3:13 PM Comments comments (1)

Its a quarter past ten

and i know its late

but i was wondering if you could let me come in


this has been going on for sometime

and i'm not sure what to call it

so i was thinking.....

what would you say

if i told you , that we should

makes our thoughts reality

we shouldnt waste time

enough has already been wasted

on the thoughts

of should we or shouldnt we

would you mind

if i told you

I'm ready and willing

to take and give

I've been under this spell for sometime

so if its cool with you

No one has to know

we'll only move when you say go

You've been hurt before so we can take this slow

but i dont want to walk away and miss the chance

to make you cry tears of pleasure and not pain

You and i was made to fit this well

we was made to surrender to the call

of loves desire

we deserve this

and shouldnt even try to deny

weed could never give you this


so i dont even try

since nothing could ever compare to you.

Put your hands in mine,

your doudts behind

and my legs around your waist

I'm ready

I'm willing

So if its cool with you

I'm just letting you know

that i'm only a phone call away when

your ready to make this a go

I had to let you know

that what i feel, this vibe

its new to me

but if you could plant me like a tree

and let me give you shade

watch my waters cascade

off me

and on you.

what would you do

if i told you

i was willing

and ready

To make you my baby

For my chance to drive you crazy

if your willing

then i'm ready.

Not Alone

Posted on March 26, 2010 at 2:59 PM Comments comments (0)

Can you feel it?

Your 1500 miles away

but your here, with me .

trailing the back of your fingers

down the center of my back

breathing on my


grabbing my waist

Can I have a taste?

of what it would be like

if your lips were to touch mine

i bet you are divine.

My body needs something

that only you can give

I laid in the bed hoping

to sleep this away

you met me in my dreams


I took a shower

hoping to clear my head

i dont think i was in there alone

grabbed a towel to dry off...

I was still wet

Why can't i shake this

truth be told, i really don't want to

tell me what you wish to do

if i could lay down beside you

take me as i am

and i will love you for all that you are

the best lover of my soul by far

Love You

Posted on December 27, 2009 at 10:17 PM Comments comments (1)

Let me lay you down

make you my personal playground.

Let me dig my fingers in your sandbox.

Let me


Let me smell the scent of your skin

after the rain.

Do you mind if I speak of a time?

when the luster of your lips

reflected from the light

everytime you spoke.

Do you mind?

If i told you how many times

it made me ache

and my body quake at the thought of you...






Me, and then some

Let me lay you down

til you have no need to

dream of the idea of getting up

but getting off

It never matter

that many said this wasnt right

All that was in my mind

was how you fit it in nice and tight

Let me







All of you

Our bodies playing a classical note

make me your volin

Beaming to every stroke

Hitting the direct cords

My gentle flower

Your juice

always sweet

never sour

Ivory snow

fall over me

all over me

Spread far and wide

Lets go outside

in the shade

maybe sip

on some lemonade

Day dreaming of

I being your drink

and you the glass

Feeling me up

Let me



Lay you down

It started with a


a touch

a tickle

one hand up my thigh

a watering mouth

and a dry tongue

Let me..............


*This was inspired by Meshell Ndegeocello's version of Love You Down.

Thank You For taken time to read

My Secret Garden

Posted on November 9, 2009 at 11:51 AM Comments comments (2)

Can you tell what i'm feeling?

does my eyes show you a story thats yet to be written

a legend thats untold.

Inside is were you need to be

do you have the key .

Magic is for the fairytale dreamer

I play my games in reality,

With the lights on.

Talk with me

Sit here by my side.

Set your mind to ease

I got this

I aim to please


the sway of my hips.

Taking the full plumpness

of my lips.

I have a Secret

and the only person

who has access is you.



Honey Dew



right between the lines.

Lady in the streets

cause thats were is stay's

In my bed were anything goes

I'm a pleaser not a teaser




Imagination seeks a treasure

buried in my soul.

There are so many things we can do

if you just let go and let me ride.

Mystery is everything

when blinded by

more then love

You tremble at my sudden touch to your skin

open your heart and let me in.

Let my lips go

were she dont

Let my mouth

do what she wont

I'll take you there

right here on the ground

making you feel like your 10 feet in the air,

But the landing is so smooth


like that

thick creamy


of my milkyway

What can I say

In My Secret Garden

Everyday is a good day.



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