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 I had so many different things that I wanted to share  this one site couldn't hold it all.... So there are a few changes... One new major change is if you look  you will see a tab thats title " All Things Janet" Here you will be taken to a whole nother world. This page  will be able to give you more background about me.

What the Tabs Are

The Collection  _ is a direct link to my books and other projects.

Featured Poets - is  a mix of different poets I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewed and or worked with. ( contact me if you would like to be on that list )

Janets World _ you will find some of my poems written and spoke. As I will be posting sum of my videos there as well.

One Voice One Mic -It is a chance for you to get the history of what we do and give you a chance to join the moment. There is no membership fee and isn't a chance to put me in spotlight .

Guest book  - Speaks for its self.. Let me know what you think

Calendar Of Events -Come check out my future and past events that I will be speaking at.

Contact Janet - Gives you the chance to let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

I hope you enjoy it and Thank You all, So much for the love and support you have shown through out the years.           

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Thank you again for coming by.

~ I never truly knew freedom until poetry offered me her hand~ Poet Janet Dawson                

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