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Posted on July 6, 2011 at 10:54 PM

This one is different is what i keep telling myself.

a beaten path to a song played more then once, maybe a few difference in notes forming a smoother melody but the ending is always the same.

How do i always fall for your type?

Told myself that this time would be different,always believeing that people change,

that their past shouldnt be judged..

yet something tells me i`ve read this story before.

Something tells me i`ve walked this road before something

tells me that this mistake is about to be a lesson i never learn from.

You say my heart wont break and end up on the floor

but something tells me i`ve heard those words spoken before.

I am already yours so let my fall be easy.

Not sure why i.. Why i always fall for your type.

I believe in you and your love,

waiting for you to tell me good-bye.

For the lies, for the closing of my heart. This one will love me least this is what i tell my friends

.somehow i end up with your type. Somehow i end up alone...falling for your type

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