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"Love Is Passion's Desire"

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Lost Love

Posted on November 9, 2009 at 11:49 AM Comments comments (1)

He was old in mind but young at heart

And I was 3 years passed the edge of 17

Yet My life was at the limit of a 30 year old

It was a love that

was divided by

age and silence

But I knew it was true

He loved me as any boy his age knew how to love



and Honest

We broke

the rules of what love was to feel like

Forget grabbing life by the horns we took the whole bull

and rode it back home

He never liked to be away to long

but distance

had become our only friend

Very few believe our love would last

I had just a black widow 's past

and he was making room for his mistakes

But no matter what I felt

it wouldnt make up for the

heart break I would cause

sweet gentle flower

what would be the point

of knowing your name

and not be able to take you home

Sweeter then any wine that crossed my lips

his kisses would last for hours

and we never ended were we began

His touch was as if he had knew my body

before i gave it to him

A road map

and his mouth was the Gps system

He was young

but so was I

building a love

that was based on a lie

It couldnt last forever

so we walked away

But this love still burns strong

even til this day

He has his life

and I have mine

I can still taste his

moist mouth from time to time

In my mind

he will now and forever be mine


One Night Alone

Posted on November 9, 2009 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)
Sweet candy covered tears
that stream down
When cries
of pleasure
cross my eyes
as if 
god himsellf blessed my 
very being.
Its late
and I cant explained
why I opened
the door,
and what made me
let you in 
to sit on my bed
The things that you do to me
before you even 
Lay a finger 
on my 
cocoa butter 
scented skin
silky smooth
Its late 
and I cant explain
why I made the first moved
and kissed your cheek
that led my warm tongue down your neck
and my hand places they shouldn't be
My Cinnamon brown skin
wrapped in the vanilla scented
Preasure builds
and I know this is the beginning 
of the end.
This couldnt have been anyone
so why is it you
thats making my universe
its purpose
Its late
so why did 
I let the lights go off
while you 
careessed my back
Connecting the dots
with the sweat our body 
made before anything 
Our shadows 
dance across the wall
like a butterfly 
trying to go free
The wings of its affection 
is you and me
It was late
and even though 
I have no clue
I'm glad it was you


It Cracked

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 1:58 PM Comments comments (0)

These thoughts tickle my mind

2 dreams plus reality

is a bit much for me

and yet i feel over powered by what you do

and how you do it

secrets of the heart

never to be spoken

to no one not even ourselves

The cool breeze that passed up your spine

my conquest

the aching need in my chest

wanting to put this all to rest

pacing across the floor

feeding the need to know more

what was her name

you can not say

for the sake of us both its better that way

trouble mind is what is set

why did you have to make this...

us.. so complex

couldn't you be happy with what was

and how it would have ended

sparkles just from your wine

given hints of the time

tell me

would she sell for a dime or more

So tired i cant speak

my thought are all empty

and my feet have fallen

my tongue is stiff

my hands are sore

was this just a tease

away to lose me

set me free with ease

i am done

this battle is over

and the war you have won

before this torture had even begun

A Difference In Time

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (1)

I stand behind you

as a silence to your delight

A untamed fear of what could happen

when positive reacts to negative.

The product of what could come

if the wires hit that pond outside of the lake

that crosses to my street.

You can run

but you cant hide

from your bleeding heart inside

I laugh at your pictures of the past

seeking of old love

and the memories you hope that last.

Just to deny yourself

deny it the right to

desire,lust feel

What can be

a stranger passing by

and the name on the tag

says hello my name is... me.

Tell me

what could happen if we

took like the stars and

match eye to eye.

Connecting as something bigger

for others to discover

what was the meaning of this

rusted souls covering of love

You can run

but you cant hide

from yourself

and what your body

doesn't want to subside.

And when it happens

I'll be around ..but you'll just frown

not because of your happily ever after

but because you lied to yourself

and let it settle until you got older

that's something the mind can never get over

I was the light that shined from a distance.

The muse that asked of you

never to seek my face

I am aware of my place in this world

but i won't blind myself to the affects

of what happens when boy meets girl.

Thinking and paused

of the stoned covered walls

that you rely on

for its safety .

Unleashing that beast you try to cage

a paved road that whispers my name

every step that you make.

Did you take a look in the mirror today?

I'm just a reflection of what your crave

Mind Taps

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

You stare at me from a distance


but i feel in beaming down my back.

Trying my best not to look way

but you have me feeling such a way

I dont know your name

and doudt it would matter if i did

If i tried to say it

it would just make me gitty like a school kid

I noticed you from afar

the smell of your skin

when you get in and out of your car

Please dont take this the wrong way

cause i know you feel it

just as much

if not more then i do.

From the corner of your eye

to the side of your mind

you undress me

in a silent room

My moans have become

the answer to your prayers

and my fingers

are that lingering sign

of strangers beware

your tounge is like the forbidden fruit

that could shut down my gates

to my garden of eden

Some day

maybe i'll say hello

and then we could see how far

this game would go

a rat race of truth or dare

maybe a quick pick of spin the bottle

layout the mat and twist our way into

the site of each others arms

til that day

i wont rush you

Its been fun

letting your mind

keep a list

of things we should do.

The Day Of It All

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 1:49 PM Comments comments (0)

One wall

Two walls

Three walls


O my god i cant take this anymore

if ever i had a time i wish

you would fade away it is now.

Could you hurry it up

and careful not to make a sound

I laugh

I cry

Banging my head wondering why

Your love sucks

and so do i

there goes my reason

of wondering why you stay

is this the life you made

Sorry to tell you

but you are no King

and i am not a drive thu

so you cant have it your way

Sorry bout that

cause i know when its done

and the screaming stops

Its in your bed i lay

wondering what makes me feel this way

you hurt me , and yet we love even harder

hard screams

become soft touches

Harsh words

become part of a tender feel

what makes this such an odd balance

it keeps me feeling surreal

what was i thinking.....what was on your mind

All of this feels like a waste of time

you can shut up now

i'm not listening

and i know you stoped

like 20 mins ago.

You think i dont listen

heck neither do you

we fight

just to have a reason to talk

we talk just to have a reason to make love

we make love just to have a reason

to have a reason.........

Janet Dawson

Long Road

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 1:48 PM Comments comments (0)

White sheets

posted across the bed

and the sound of nothing whispers in my head.

up and over goes my heart

as you spread my world apart

i see the thirst drool from your eyes

and its no surprise when you ask to drink from my cup

it runs over

not at the thought of you

but the touch of you

i inhale you

tasting me

pleading with me

squeeze me

be anything but polite

feel me with delight

Let me make all your dreams come true

if you only knew what i could do

but its a secret good girls dont tell

come take a dip in my well

a sweet tropical paradise

you be sugar

and i your spice

o see there you go

hitting the spot i've been waiting for

its yours

do with it as you please

bend it like beckham

break the head board

crack the floor

leaving me no mercy

just the ache for more.

I can call you daddy

call you friend

my everlasting lover to the end

walk this road with me

at my side

leaving the pain of this world behind

i dont care to think

i just want to do


and we can proclaim

under anyone

and anything

Give me

all of you even if its just for a min. or two.

ok maybe more then a few

i forgot about my pain and sorrow

my quest for tomorrow

maybe today

will be a better day

at least thats what they say.

Can You Feel It

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Something about those eyes

that leave me to imaging a world

of no compromise.

A fame to melt the heart

dividing me into a place

that sets us apart.

You dont know what you

do to me

but if i coud show you

It would be breaking

the law of God and Man

Remeasure the sound of preasure

it takes to make the earth quake

Something about your hair,

makes me want to wrap my hand

in your glory,

Tell me your story

while you

shower it on me

like fresh water springs.

I know

now why the

cage bird sings

its you

you passed by

and she felt high.

Though she was bound by the guilt and chains

the very essence of you

gave her

reason to sing in the rain.

Something about your voice

and the words

you bless to be settled on your


The excitement

I feel just to wish

my body could flow out

between those lips.

Could you savor me

like you do every moment

Women everywhere

know you

But the scent

you give off

when you speak

I smell sex and candy

can i get sticky too?

or is it for VIP only

if so how can I get on that list?

Can it be sealed with a kiss?

I have the lips stick


if you have the time

Such a gentle creature

but a beast in the sheets

every wonder what it would be like if we could meet ?


I know you do

i'll keep this between me and you

Can you feel it?

I can to

it was there at the moment

I laid eyes on you

Can you feel it..

Now what do we do?

The Letter

Posted on September 12, 2009 at 1:42 PM Comments comments (0)

I found a letter

but didnt know who it was to,

I notice the handwriting

and knew it was written by you.

It exampled a passion

you helt for another woman

out of respect

her name i will not say

It stated

how you couldnt denie

the attracting you

had when she walked by

and how it had been awhile

since you felt that way

I wanted to cry

just to stop the bleeding

but i wanted to die

just so i could not cry

It said

you dream

of the nights you

could lay her in your bed

so long ago

and still I cant get those words out of my head

Never knew what she looked


though i had the chance to meet her once

wasn't sure what to say

so i put up a front

and didnt bother to say hi

You wanted to give her

a chance

bring back your

version of romance.

I was a good woman

at least I tried

and after that day

I never felt the same inside.

You took something

that I believed in you

and turned it into something abused and use.

Was it my curse

for putting faith and trust

into one man

My very soul felt

as if it was melting in

the bottom

of a hot frying pan

Never again

have I been able to look at you the same

and never again

will I try.

Its been sometime

and many days have passed

til i wonder how long my hurting heart will last

I try to forget

but forgive is all i seem to


You broke me

and didnt bare my cross

and because of that

my faith in love is lost.

i heard the door

when I yelled

I cant take this anymore

Even after the sorry's

i dont know what i was thinking

even after the get out of my face

I hate this place

Still i stand next to you

wondering when your gonna make your next move.


Posted on September 12, 2009 at 1:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Sweat drips done my spine

a taste of its surrender

does me just fine

Can i lick the spoon

lay me out across your moon

take me to the planet

across the distant land

flag me down

claim me as your land

echos bounce off the wall

like our bodies

passing in the nights dew

Can you give

as much as i take from you

say it loud

say it clear

scream it so that god can hear

the pleasure that was baught to you

from the very creature

he created

but never to be



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