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Sweet Desire

Posted on July 6, 2011 at 11:40 PM

Gentle touches

Hard hitter

Filling me with blushes

Feeling my lips melt

Around you

I am consumed

Salty sweet

Butter cream

Moist at the scent of you

Pet and watch me purr

Lean your body to mine

Feel the comfort of my being

its well worth the feasting

Swimming in the desire


Let me set the stage

My breast pinned to your chest

My legs wrapped around your waist

Tempting you to

Come get a taste

Sliding my fingers

As if I was turning a page

Your eyes fill with passion

Licking your lips like a

Wild animal in heat

Now watch

I’m about to reach my peak

Place your hand right there

Look….. Stare

Lean in me

Push through me

Moans ,screams

Squeeze of my thigh

Lost of air

Trying my best to hold out before you take me there

It feels so good

Having your body pressed against mine








All in your hand to control

Playing your dreams

Out to become reality

How do you want me?

Sensual kisses play

Over my shoulders

Is it me or are we getting warmer?

Up my thigh

The pressure point of me

Dripping between your fingers

Let me take a taste


The reason romance has a chance

Candle wax falls from behind

Senses are intense

Now that you are blind

Taking my time

To release inch by inch

My mission

Is your ride of a universal roller coaster

Nothing goes


Un tasted

Not one part of you wasted

Pleasure is hidden in the sounds of your moans

Hard groans

Pressed in the center of my will

To release

My all to you

Call me what you please

Stretch me far

Bend me to my knees

This is our play land

Take what you will

No need to ask or steal

Thoughts trapped in my mind

How much can you endure

Our imagination explodes

I am here

So are you

Let your hand caress

Its own groove

Wanting to explore

Wanting so much more

The door opening

To what makes my world quake

Call my name in the whispers of the air

We’re almost there

Mental swirls

Drunken by the tenderness of you

Across my lips


Working me like clock work

One leg at 12 and the other at 9

You feel divine

Thirsting at the need that I need you to do all and everything of what you do

My sweet desire unfolds

Could it be more? ……. I’m sure

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Reply Poet Janet Dawson
11:20 AM on February 23, 2012 
Thank you for taking the time to come by and read.
Reply walt rouse
10:27 PM on December 5, 2011 
Erotic and tender at once. Seems to capture the very essence of passion and desire in voluminous whispers. Very sweet. powerfilled and gentle in unison. well written.

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